Friday, August 18, 2017

Richard Simmons shows off his new steamer on the David Letterman show:


At TRPS, we introduce the illegitimate love child of Dave Letterman and Langdon Winner. We call it “performance Luddism.” Here is one of its forbearers at his best. What better use for a Buick? Dave Guston on Dave Letterman


Before the Ed Sullivan Theater, there was the five-story tower. And Dave in shorts. One farm-fresh turkey. $1.99 per pound. One mini-tramp. $49.99. Turkey, spread-eagle after hitting the tramp, priceless. But I’m still not sure if it beats WKRP’s Thanksgiving Day promotion.  Before there was Lawrence Krauss, there was Venus Flytrap. David Guston on David  [ Read More ]


Leave it to Dave to break rules. Like not performing with kids. It’s fabulous to give the brainy ones, and not just the brawny ones, exposure. It’s funny to watch Dave battle to keep them from stealing the scene. But how freaky is it that they learn to talk like adult scientists so quickly? David  [ Read More ]