Friday, August 18, 2017

by Sean Hays (CNS, ASU) During the closing plenary session, a, more or less, representative panel of the conferences participants attempted to provide some final context to the conversation of the last three days. The question of the rightful place of science, still unresolved, served as the backdrop to a conversation that was really about  [ Read More ]

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Farzad Mahootian, a philosopher who is also a CSPO affiliate, gave his commentary on the 2nd day Keynote Address “The Truth of Science, Justice and Peace” by Monsignor Sorondo.

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By Sean Hays (CNS ASU), reporting from the 2nd day TPRS Keynote Address by Mons. Sorondo Monsignor Marcelo Sànchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, provided an answer to the question, what is the rightful place of science, in the title of his presentation: The Truth of Science for Justice and Peace.  [ Read More ]


By Ryan Meyer, CSPO at ASU, reporting from the Exemplar Panels
When your research is driven by user needs and the realities of problems on the ground, things get complicated. This exemplar session gave us a chance to consider some of the nuanced issues that emerge when you are, as Shirley put it, “not kidding around about being applied.”