Friday, August 18, 2017

Blog Staff:

Cathy Arnold, The Queen

Merlyna Lim, Power behind the Throne

Gary Grossman, Interviewer

Matt Harsh, Videographer

David Calderon, Jumbotron Commander

Katie Dreeland, Blog Czar

Keith Martin, Video Emperor


Susan Fitzpatrick, Gretchen Gano, Sean Hays, Shirley Laska, Christine Luk, Ryan Meyer, Leslie Meredith, Mark Neff, Cynthia Selin

Artist, image at top: Audrey Riley, “Conversation,”  2008/2009, pyrography, colored pencil, acrylic, ink, collage and encaustic on yardsticks.

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  1. Brenda Moran says:

    Excellent interviews Dr. Grossman. Your forethought, regarding your conversation off camera, produced quite enlightening results on camera. Thank you for the entertainment and knowledge.