Friday, August 18, 2017

10-Minute Plays were written to the theme of “the rightful place of science” by MFA Playwriting and MFA Theatre for Young Audiences in professor Jeff McMahon’s Playwrights’ Workshop at ASU’s School of Theatre and Film.

Faithful Adaptation by Anne Negri, featuring Courtenay Cholovich, Lee Hanson and Hanna Leister

As Anne pondered the title of this conference, The Rightful Place of Science?, she immediately thought of people in our society who are overlooked in debates and legislation concerning science issues. The subject of evolution in public schools is an old story, dating back to the 1920s Scopes Trial. Although creationism may be out-of-vogue, intelligent design making waves with the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover trial in Pennsylvania and with even more recent legislation in Alberta, Canada giving parents the right to have their children opt-out of science class when evolution is taught. Amidst the fights between parents, teachers, school boards and administrators, Anne wonders about the 14-year-old biology students and their rights. She wrote this play with these questions in mind: Who are the real ‘losers’ in this polarized debate? And if we listen to young people, what can we learn from them about a personal reconciliation between faith and science? Anne Negri is an MFA theater of Youth student who is passionate about theater for young audiences and supporting new stories for the stage.

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