Friday, August 18, 2017

Jameson Wetmore, Assistant Director for Education, Center for Nanotechnology in Society; Assistant Professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University

Jameson Wetmore’s work combines the fields of science and technology studies, ethics, and public policy in order to better understand both the interconnected relationships between technology and society and the forces that change those relationships over time.  For instance, Wetmore has studied how the Old Order Amish regulate the technologies they use in order to strengthen their communities, how religious thinkers seek to influence the future of nanoscale research and policy, and how ideas of responsibility get built into systems of automobile safety.  He holds a doctorate from Cornell University and is co-editor of Technology & Society: Building our Sociotechnical Future (MIT Press 2009).

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  1. Shobita says:

    I wanted to see this, but the video had been removed.

  2. merlynalim says:

    hi Shobita, Sorry about that. The updated video has been uploaded. Enjoy! Thanks.